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Gas Prices
By Travis Tippetts


December 23, 2008
Tuesday AM

How long have these high gas prices been the topic of every water cooler conversation? If asked, I dare say that most every resident would rate this as their number one issue. Is the gas issue not news worthy! How many powder puff articles have we been bombarded with while this "real" story is being ignored. I feel the media is negligent in the covering of this story. Where are the tough questions and raw information that will let us make an educated decision as to any price gouging? Power is in an informed public. People perpetuating injustices thrive in information vacuums.

The local news is our greatest force in combating this type of behavior. I'm not asking the media to take sides and call names, just do your job. Ask some questions, make some phone calls, ruffle some feathers, earn your title as journalists. Sadly it is only residents in the Opinion Column that are working to fill the information vacuum left by our media. If the media were doing their jobs we wouldn't have to resort to picketing gas stations to get some results.

Evidently, it seems there was about a dollar's worth of "embarrassment" in those gas prices. So, local journalists, please step up to the plate and I'll wager my halibut rod and Xtratuff boots that it might sell you all a few extra rags to boot.

Travis Tippetts
Ketchikan, AK


Received December 20, 2008 - Published December 23, 2008


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