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Price gouging-grab your ankles
By Dr. Ed Fry


December 23, 2008
Tuesday AM

Even though we live in Florida, we often think about Ketchikan daily because we have a prestnet that started her life there.

Wow what a ride it has been with the economy. Prices go up, prices go down. I am always amazed as those (according to Bush) that have more can afford to play more on the commodity market. Heck, after deregulation of the SEC, the world day trade on the US markets is on; especially in the commodity of oil.

Let's get this right. The price goes up, there is about a week or so before it hits market in Ketchikan; likewise, in reverse on the price drop. Alaska pays PDF as a dividend to residents, large and small, big and tall as a - just because you live here. Oil comes off the slope, piped down to a loading dock. Transported south for refinery and transported back north for resale, allegedly at fair market price, right?

Alaska does not have price gouging laws in its registry. As a taxpayer (yes I am still paying for the inefficiency and ineffective politicians) we have to ask why? Currently in Florida as of December 23, 2008, I paid $2.48 for diesel and $1.68 for premium as the Harley does not run well on less than 92 octane. When prices started falling in relation to the price per barrel, well a few weeks after residents should have seen some relief. Key word ..Should. Just like a politician that starts off with, it is my understanding ..what a crock, they are doing the two step.

What needs to happen in the volatile market is regulatory control. Check out Florida's gouging laws:

Being a part of a paranoia society, politicians linked with oil means one thing; the taxpayer foots the bill. That's right, the price of oil is tax driven because you drive. You are being hit twice. The city charges tax to bring it in, and you also pay it at the pump. Part of that is supposed to go to roads. What a joke! We have not been there since April, but I would gentleman bet that, well, the roads are still in sad shape.

Question authority and your leaders; press the issue that you are informed. Stop the madness of gouging. If I could I would, bring a tanker up on the ferry and sell below the pump price in Ketchikan.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Ed Fry
Port Saint Luice, FL

About: "Owner and taxpayer-Pond Reef Road; Professor-Public Administration, Fire Science and EMS."

Received December 21, 2008 - Published December 23, 2008



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