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By Cecelia Johnson


December 23, 2008
Tuesday AM

The Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) council elections are upcoming and gives you a chance to have a voice in who you think could fulfill a leadership position. With this privilege think and vote for:

1. An individual who respects elders and will listen when they speak.

2. Who does realize that they (tribal council) answers to you the tribal

3. who will promote equality amongst the Tlinget, Haida, Tsimpsian, and
American Indians.

4. Who is ethical and understands "conflict of interest" as well as what
"nepotism" is.

5. Who knows that important decisions affecting the tribal members is always
made at the table.

6. Understands that "transparency" is a leader's gift to the people they

7. Understands that personalities and issues are always to remain separate
when you sit at the table.

In attending tribal council meetings and being involved I have observed the work that the council does on behalf of the KIC membership. They spend many hours in meetings away from their family and often are criticized and scrutinized. Remember as a public figure it comes with the territory. Communication is vital and will alleviate alot of questions.

Cecelia Johnson
Ketchikan, AK


Received December 21, 2008 - Published December 23, 2008



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