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Gas prices and the Palin factor
By Mike Isaac


December 11, 2008

Gas prices are coming down but I am paying $1.89 or .50 more than people up in Wyoming (70 miles away) and down in Denver and Grand Juction (180 miles away) but at least Im paying less than those down in the Vail area. However I find it funny that people always want to blame Governors in the Republican party for gas prices, but you never here them blame the DEMS in states like New York and Washington or credit Republicans in states like Wyoming.

With gas still well over $3.00 a gal in Ketchikan but not in Anchorage, just how is it Sara Palin fault? I thought gas was shiped up from the Seattle or Bellingham areas and not down from Wasilla. It sounds like those liberals on the west coast are to blame. Just what do they sell it to K town for? What do the local station owners mark it up at? Maybe someone could look into that. And what ever happened to that saying, "If you don't like the prices the ferry runs both ways"? Or how come no body has blamed the CIA or New World Order or United Nations?

And just what is Sara up to these days??? A run for the Senate in 2010 would be a good idea if she plans on running in 2016 for the White House. A run against Lisa Murkowski for her US Senate seat would be a fight I'd like to see. Someone should have told Frank that bring your daughter to work day did not mean give her your old job day.

Mike Isaac
Steamboat Springs, CO

About: "Former Ketchikan resident"

Received December 10, 2008 - Published December 11, 2008



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