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Gas prices
By Pam Kemble


December 09, 2008

I would like to know how many barges have come in to deliver fuel in the past month. I have reason to believe that it is at least two. That would be two while the price of fuel has stayed at the $3.75 mark. That would be two when the price of fuel has been under $3.00 down south.

I don't believe that the gas stations are still trying to pay for the fuel that they purchased at the higher price. I have reason to believe that there is one station controlling the price of fuel. They are trying to make the highest margain they can for as long as they can. It is only when the smaller stations lower their price they follow suit. They are never the first to lower their price.

I think that the first station to lower their price to under $2.75 a gallon should get all of our business.

Pam Kemble
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 08, 2008 - Published December 09, 2008



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