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Glad Benches Removed
By Kristen Gilliard


December 31, 2007
Monday AM


To my fellow SitNews' readers, I'm so sorry to have to disagree with all of you Library Bench Bullies. I would like to express a bit of insight on what really goes on out there while your just driving by or just walking by.

I am across the bus stop seeing and hearing what goes on hour by hour while at work. I notice the open container alcoholic drinkers getting drunk at the bus stop, getting into arguments while using profane language at the bus stop and passing out at the bus stop.

It's not just a City bus stop either. Our children use that stop as a school bus stop twice a day.

I am GLAD they removed the benches from the bus stop because the activity of obscene vulgar language, lewd behavior and drunken activity has almost ceased for not only our children's observations but the rest of the citizens of Ketchikan using the covered bus stop as well. I also know that the Library "Public" bathrooms are a bit tidier now that there isn't vomit and other disgusting messes for our City Librarians to clean up.

Kristen Gilliard
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 28, 2007 - Published December 31, 2007


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