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One Bellingham boat all summer
By Trygve Westergard


December 26, 2007

I was just looking at the summer schedule for the Alaska Marine Highway and noticed there was only one mainline boat running to Bellingham. I can't believe with the money being so tight that we are taking away one of the two boats on the money making run.

All I ever hear about are the ferries costing so much money to run and here we take one of the biggest money makers off line and run it on the North Lynn Canal run and then take the Fairweather off the North Lynn Canal run (which is what the boat was designed to run) and run it to Sitka 5 days a week (a huge loss).

What are we doing? Trying to destroy the ferry system? I believe a day boat system would work but we still need the main line ferries running to Bellingham. Many people can't or don't want to drive through Canada and with only one boat running to Bellingham it will be over sold every trip. Last summer both boats were full now we are only going to run one?

Just a thought, maybe we the people need to voice our opinions and try to save the ferry system. With a little smarts in running it maybe it won't be such a loss in money!

Trygve Westergard
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Licenced Mate"

Received December 24, 2007 - Published December 26, 2007


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