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Public bus stop benches...
By Cheryl Jackson


December 26, 2007


I drove by the Ketchikan Public Library where the bus stop is, and to my surprise there were no benches there. Who decided to remove them and why? They have been there for many years as we all know. The tourists are gone. So, put back the benches for the people of this town! Downtown is empty. The beautiful docks are there, and walk-ways -- off limits to the general public for security reasons, I suppose.

What will happen, if some of the Cruise Ships can't stop here because of the so called enforcement of the Jones Act, or whatever the government has decided to enforce? No wonder, the Cruise Ship Companies didn't want to pay for the costs of all those pretty docks, and walk-ways. We will; even if we voted not to build them.

At least, Wrangell, Sitka, Hyder, etc. had the brains to forego the ships stopping there with loads of tourists,etc. The City and Ketchikan Borough keep expanding their budgets on and on. WHY DON"T THEY BUY THE FIRE DEPARTMENT NEEDED EQUIPMENT- LIKE NETS, ETC. The men did an excellent job, and we praise all of them for their giving of themselves, and their families this past week.

I know that Ketchikan has some of the most generous, and thoughtful people around, and will help the families who have suffered such a great loss. Ketchikan is like that, and should continue their spirit for all, and put the benches back at the bus stop for anyone who wishes to use them.

Cheryl Jackson -retired .
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 24, 2007 - Published December 26, 2007


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