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Ketchikan Police Report
By Michael Moyer


December 24, 2007
Monday AM

I enjoy reading SitNews. What a great way to bring local news to our region and the rest of the world. I am a bit concerned however by the way your Ketchikan Police Report is published. I have absolutely no concern about the press publishing a criminal charge as this is good gossip. Good gossip is gossip that helps to "police" our societies moral character. However, and this is the difference, publishing how a Police call was reported to police dispatch may influence the outcome of a trial and borders on predjudice and slander. The embelishment of reality is not needed in your attempt to manage our moral character. I assume that is why you are publishing any of this information in the first place.

Frequently, very frequently, dispatchers recieve calls that turn out to be 180 degrees of what they were called in as. You may as well just write any fantasy you want and attach it to your reported charge as it really has nothing to do with what may be found on scene. In fact there are lots of calls made in anger or spite in an attempt to get revenge on someone or on the police themselves. Please consider this as you report these occurances and use good judgement. I am sure the courts, the police, and the innocent until proven guilty would appreciate it.

Michael Moyer
Ketchikan, AK

About: "4th Generation Alaskan"

Received December 22, 2007 - Published December 24, 2007


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