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Bus Stop Benches Removed In Front of Library
By Carol Baines


December 17, 2007
Monday AM

I've been told that the benches that were removed at the bus stop in front of the public library because of partying going on there, i.e. people smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, sleeping on the benches overnight, etc.

I've never seen anyone smoking marijuana there; however, I did notice one homeless man rolling cigarettes with inexpensive tobacco, the only thing he could afford. I never saw anyone sitting there partying and drinking. If it happened on a couple of occasions, is that any reason to remove the benches? Some of the homeless people won't last through the winter. I don't think allowing one or two of them to sit on the bench hurts anything, especially in the wintertime when the cold rains start. I wonder if the benches will be replaced when the tourists come back so they can sit down and wait for a bus.

Anytime I wanted to sit and wait for the bus, everyone was polite and made room for me.

If there really was a problem there, why wasn't a "No Loitering" sign placed there warning of a fine for consuming alcohol? I've also noticed a sign at the mall bus stop with a list of a dozen or so instructions on how to behave while riding the city bus, as though the passengers are school children to be lectured on proper behavior. It was almost laughable if it wasn't so condescending. I ride the bus occasionally, and I've never noticed any passenger with objectionable odors, B.O, etc. Okay, so some of the passengers don't own a car, but that's no reason to be condescending toward them. Some people sometimes take the bus as an alternate to driving their car. Talk about overkill and class warfare.

Since we're on this subject, how about replacing the buses with ones like they have in Prince Rupert. Their buses and the Ketchikan buses are like comparing day and night.

Carol Baines
Ketchikan, AK

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Received December 15, 2007 - Published December 17, 2007


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