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Also a fan of more than just soccer
By Teresa Dickey


December 13, 2007
Thursday AM

In response to More than a Soccer Fan, I feel it is unfair to say that KYSL is trying to take over the Ketchikan sporting world. Let's not be petty. As with ANY sport, there are going to be over zealous parents, fans and/or officials.

I have been a soccer mom for more than eight years and my son loves the sport. He does not put down any other sport and has played other sports, but has found his groove in soccer. My Step-Son plays baseball and wrestles.

I support ALL sports in Ketchikan. I feel it is important to keep kids involved and active.

I really don't have an opinion on the resurfacing of Fawn Mountain, other than to say, it was in the original plans when the field was built, and it was to benefit not only KYSL but the Ketchikan Football League as well, and not to forget the track and field events.

Since baseball, football and soccer all have overlapping seasons it is hard to schedule games and practice on any of the fields.

And let me just say, we are VERY lucky to offer such nice fields for sports. And any bickering about them seems a shame. North Point Higgins offers two baseball/softball fields, which have a grass surface, restrooms and a snack stand. Houghtaling offers a field which is used for t-ball and soccer for the younger ages. K-High has a field which houses two baseball/softball fields, and is used for soccer and in its day was used for track and field AND offers two tennis courts, restrooms and a snack stand. Norman Walker offers two baseball fields, and is also used for football, soccer and track and field and offers bathrooms, covered seating and a snack stand. Fawn Mountain offers wonderful track and field space, and a surface to play soccer and football.

Not to forget the Recreation Center and the schools who offer court space for basketball, racket ball and soccer to name a FEW, and our wonderful pool. Ketchikan is lucky indeed.

I support spending money on any or all of the fields, courts, and pool, for ANY of the sports, to help keep our youth active and involved.

I feel grateful for all that Ketchikan has to offer its youth.

And on another note, having a step son who plays sports for K-High, I do NOT agree with allowing students who have received minor consuming alcohol offenses to play for the schools, whether they were caught during their season or not. What kind of message is K-High sending the students, besides the best athletes can play no matter what they do? Those students should sit out this season.

Teresa Dickey
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Life long resident of Ketchikan, Soccer Mom & Step-Mom to K-High athlete"

Received December 12, 2007 - Published December 13, 2007


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