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Boat Parade - One Last Time!??
By Shauna Lee


December 13, 2007
Thursday AM

Every Christmas I host a "Boat Parade Party" as I am lucky enough to have a home that looks out over the bay. It is a tradition at our home as my father is a tug captain and is usually in the parade. I have always loved this event because it is unique to Ketchikan and made the holidays feel really special.

I was saddened today when I called the Cruise Line Agency to get the start time of the parade on the 23rd. I was told that this will be the LAST boat parade due to lack of participation over the years! What has happened? Isn't this a boating town? This just topped off the year of other special events that have gone by the wayside such as the Timber Carnival. As an employee of The Lumberjack Show it was always our extreme pleasure to host this event at our showgrounds and we were really dissapointed when the Timber Carnival committee decided to NOT host it anymore due to... yes, lack of participation.

Where has our community spirit gone, Ketchikan?

I beleive that this town is unique in it's spirit and it's enthusiasm - but apparently we aren't very good at PARTICIPATING! I hope that those of you with a boat in the water will take this one night out of your busy schedule to throw some lights on your boat and participate in the parade. I know that I will honor my tradition of watching, feeding my friends, and feeling the joy of living in such a unique town.

COME ON KETCHIKAN! Let's find our spirit again!

Shauna Lee
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Shauna Lee is a 30 year resident of Ketchikan and is active in the local community."

Received December 12, 2007 - Published December 13, 2007


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