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In Defense of The General Public
By Ken Bylund


December 13, 2007
Thursday AM

There is a growing sense of power that comes with success; power can become addictive to the point of ignoring our limitations and the desperate impulse to control that which is outside the domain of personal achievement and polished expertise. It really is understandable if we look at the basic risk/reward patterns that have been successful in growing and learning from our past to get where we are... but change, trade-offs and double-betting can be a good strategy for survival. A management consultant Adrian J. Slywotzky has come up with some fresh ideas on the subject and promotes risk shaping instead of risk taking.

Here in Ketchikan, the Chamber of Commerce and Government is directed by successful businessmen and women who have great confidence in their decisions and have earned the respect of... The General Public. But something important seems to be out of focus in their climb to power. That same self confidence and sense of power has over-stimulated their need to be in charge of everything. Consider a little flexibility, ordinary folks who work for a paycheck... are not livestock.

In the October 4th 2007 election the Jewelry Store Initiative earned 1093 votes with 1888 against; the 2981 votes cast on this issue indicates the score was ~36.6 % for to 63.3 % against. This is something politicians know, that thirty-six percent of the voting public is not likely relegated to insignificance by threat and intimidation. It would be wise to befriend them, partner with them and work toward compromise; time to acknowledge Charlene Dima. She is an honest, principled member of the steering committee and represents 36.6% of the voting public on ways they believe the city might be better perceived by tourists and visitors.

The constant sniping and unconvincing attaboy is not a winning strategy; The General Public isn't convinced by quarrelsome invective. It is hard to change, it won't be easy but try to think of The General Public as your customer... not just a mob to be controlled and wrestled into seeing everything your way. Those who operate businesses are problem solvers and often the toughest thing to recognize is where the problem is. No one wants to see anyone fail; we want the same things but maybe there are new ways the steering committee can explore to increase profit by increasing confidence in your customers... The General Public and the Tourist Industry.

I support the Steering Committee and everyone on it; be brave boys and girls!

Ken Bylund
North Point Higgins
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 12, 2007 - Published December 13, 2007


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