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Shoping local, planning committees...
By Robert McRoberts


December 06, 2007

Shop local? Why do we feel like we are getting burned? Is it the way we are taxed? There is a tax for inventory for products left in our stores on January 1st. If something is not sold the year it's ordered it's taxed making it more expensive right off. Just what do the shops that close for the winter pay? Is this fair? Not in my book.

We do need to shop local. We need to be sure we shop at stores where the owners work to make an effort to give us the best product for the best price -- not just the glamour of being a business owner.

Another concern, planning committees like the one for the Newtown area. A theme?? Is this Disneyland? How can you make rules for what your stores sell or look like? It's not yours. You're trying to attract business. Well it's going to be harder to attract business if you're telling them what they have to sell or look like. I am not cutting the people on these committees, I'm just wondering about why we need these things.

I just did a job in the Newtown area and I discovered a very major problem. The streets in this area are in very bad shape. Dutton Street is a concrete slab sitting on wood piles. It's the only safe route to the homes in that area. I was under the road. The water lines are exposed to the cold. The piles and caps are so rotten they're smashing down. The load limits are low. But people need oil, garbage and utility trucks to travel in this area. We need to fix this stuff before we build a new library. More congestion in this area is going to mean more traffic on Water Street's trestle which is just as bad.

I do feel moving the fire station to the Tatsuda's area is a very good move. Get the big rigs on the main line not on the city streets. I am sure the firetruck drivers are just as worried about cutting corners in town and hitting people. Getting this out of our tight streets is a smart choice. And, just why does the city not set up these jobs so our local contractors can start fixing these docks as soon as the boats stop coming. Why wait till the last minute and then get mad that they're not done on time.

In conclusion, a comment regarding Mr. Moen's last letter. It appears Mr. Moen is just trying to make trouble.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 06, 2007 - Published December 06, 2007

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