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Drinking & School Sports
By Jeff Currier


December 06, 2007

If a young man or woman chooses to play school sports, they are a representative of that school and the town it is in. If they choose to break rules, such as drinking or taking drugs, then they should expect to have to suffer the consequence. They are setting an example not only for the other students but also for the kids that are looking up at them as examples.

I have 3 grandkids that are growing up in Ketchikan, you better believe those young men should be held accountable for their actions. And if they are the best player or the worst player it should not matter. Accountablity is something that should not be forgotten. The school and the town of Ketchikan should be more concerned about what the the young men are learning first. Then, they should be concerned about how good they play a game. We want to rise responsible young men and women, first. Then we can care about how good they play a game.

Shame on us, if we as adults allow our young men and/or women to growup thinking they are above the law.
Jeff Currier
Florence, OR

About: "Jeff Currier, 5 year resident of Ketchikan. I still have 3 grandchildren growing up in Ketchikan."

Received December 06, 2007 - Published December 06, 2007



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