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Kudos to Jerry Royster
By Joey Tillson


December 05, 2007
Wednesday AM

I would have to agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Royster. The minute we start allowing our children to participate in such school activities after an "honest mistake" or for "just being a kid" then when does it stop? Offenses get worse and worse. The excuse becomes "well you let so-and-so participate after being caught with tobacco, mine was just one beer". Who determines who plays and who doesn't? It's either all get punished when rules are broken or no one does. There is no level of rule/law breaking. Either you did or you didn't. Period.

As parents, it is our responsibility to discipline our children. It doesn't mean we don't make allowances for human error. However in order to instill healthy boundaries with our children until they reach the legal drinking age, there is very little recourse. It doesn't mean we assault them when they do wrong, it means we take away priviledges such as sports or other fun activities in order to educate them from home. It is a priviledge to be on a sports team, to represent Kayhi in academic tournaments and it's not a right. A student must earn these rewards to parttake in such events.

This requires getting good grades, avoiding the peer pressures of Minor Consuming or other illegal activities, respecting teachers or parents and to be accountable for their actions whether they are "just being kids" or acts of deliquency. There should be consequences, not just temporary.

If you ever get the chance to go to the State of Alaska's website for Juvenile Justice, I recommend you do. They believe in restorative justice. We as parents should contribute such actions before it reaches the juvenile justice system. It starts at home.

Joey Tillson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Parent, previous work in substance abuse, community member"

Received December 03, 2007 - Published December 05, 2007

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