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Off road vehicles and hikers
By Penny Eubanks


December 03, 2007
Monday AM

I just read Mr. Moen's latest viewpoint on his original 4 wheeler post, and thought I would like to point out to him that there are a number of foot trails reaching into areas that are either off limits or not accessible by off road vehicles. There are really very few areas that are open or accessible for 4 wheelers or snowmobilers to enjoy their recreational past time. I do agree that I do not like the scars on terrain such as delicate muskeg eco systems left by tracks of off roaders. But I have noted that for the most part the same trails are used rather than new ugly scars being created. Most of these well used trails are far above the Ward Lake area instead of down in visible residential areas.

I noted in today's Daily News (11/29) front page article on Christmas tree hunting, that the Legislature will have the opportunity to appropriate $20 million in funding to build a road from Ketchikan area to the Shelter Cove existing road system. This would open up more than fifty miles of road system to the community of Ketchikan for recreational opportunities!

I am not an opponent to the Gravina bridge, but personally I would much rather see road systems that extend our reach into our island and Canada, enabling residents to drive out of here, or visitors to drive in. Opening a road system like this would bring a variety of recreational and economic opportunities. Gas stations, convenience stores, and maybe even very small communities would eventually open along the road out of here! Imagine the recreational areas a road like that would bring. Lake systems that currently are not accessible to the average person, beautiful alpine scenery, fjords, beaches... Ketchikan residents would not feel as boxed in, have more opportunities for off road excursions like hiking and four wheeling, and more than an approximate total of thirty five miles of drivable road!

Meantime let's be tolerant and respectful of each others recreational release and share the land and roads - we are all in this together! Oh yeah, on a final note, PLEASE wear appropriate safety gear when recreating so the rest of us do not have to be sad about the loss of life.

Penny Eubanks
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Lover of nature AND recreational opportunities!"

Received November 29, 2007 - Published December 03, 2007


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