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600 Children Will Be Touched This Christmas By Toy Run Gifts


December 18, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - "Occasionally, I am asked by someone from outside of our group what the Ketchikan Harley Riders Association Toy Run is, or what it is about," said KHRA Vice President Dan Hart. "Well, in short, it is our effort to give something back to our community, by providing gifts at Christmas time to some of the less fortunate young people living here."

Hart said, "The members of the Ketchikan Harley Riders Association have had a productive and successful year in 2006. We had several events during the year, some to raise money for our charitable drive, the Toy Run, and some to just have a little fun."

jpg Toy Run gifts

Just one of the loads of Ketchikan Harley Riders Association
Toy Run toys headed for the "Toy House."
Photograph courtesy KHRA

"The raffle of the Street Bob, consumed a lot of time and some effort on the part of the group in 2006, but it turned out to be well worth it! We paid for the bike, and had money to pay the expenses that we incur during the year, and we made the winner of the 2006 Harley quite happy. Most importantly, we put some money away to support our Toy Run charitable donations!," said Hart.

Hart said all year long, the Ketchikan Harley Riders Association have various activities to raise money. "The Ketchikan Harley Riders Association ask for and receive donations from generous individuals and businesses and our members volunteer their time and skills to gather the hundreds of gifts together," said Hart. The gifts are gathered at what came to be known this year as the Toy House which is located at what used by the Dockside Diner. Hart said KHRA elves will gather the bags of goodies from the Toy House and make their appointed rounds delivering the gifts.

jpg Ketchikan Harley Riders

On behalf of the Ketchikan Harley Riders Association Toy Run, KHRA VP Dan Hart receives a "generous" check from Wal-Mart. Individuals and businesses throughout the community and KHRA members volunteer their time and skills to gather the hundreds of gifts together. Pictured: Peggy and Karen representing Wal-Mart, Dan Hart,
Dragon London of WISH, who helped to facilitate the presentation, and Gabby Evans.
Photograph courtesy KHRA

Hart said, "This year we have made up gift packages for approximately 600 young people. Trying to put that amount of toys and gifts in perspective is a little difficult, but I saw pickup truck loads and several Subaru loads." He said, "If you have ever wondered how many Barbies will fit in an Outback, I can tell you it more than 180!"

"What the KHRA is able to deliver often seems insignificant when compared to the need that exists," said Hart. "The Association has limited resources, so we have to budget our funds in order to make them go as far as possible."

Hart said, "More than once, one of the Ketchikan Harley Riders Association elves has come across a particular circumstance, and has dipped into their personal resources, just to do a little more for someone, who perhaps needed a little additional aid or something special. "

"All of the members of the KHRA truly hope, that our modest efforts to help out, might make someone's Christmas season just a little more pleasant," said Hart. "The Ketchikan Harley Riders Association members truly appreciate the efforts and the generosity of the people of Ketchikan, and their support for this worthwhile effort," he said.


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