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Airporter and Related Needs
By Shirley McDonald


December 31, 2006
Sunday PM

It is MOST unfortunate that the Airporter is discontinuing its many INVALUABLE services. Our local citizens will greatly miss the service and hospitable employees who continue to stick it out till the last day. The only thing that precedes the service itself is the employees who have in many years have gone above and beyond to help anyone who took advantage of their helpful services. Thanks one and all!!!!

It is most unfortunate, that unless an act of god happens though, the likelihood of the borough designing a townside check in and drop-off will happen anytime soon. They have to weigh out the needs of the many rather than the ABSOLUTE NEEDS of the ones who TRULY NEED IT - and heated waiting and rest areas just will not be in the cards as they cost MONEY. All will have to go before the assembly and related personnel. The toll booth has needed a rest area for years and was laughed at when asked about one so as a result since they do not pay money to go to work (ONLY) they have to do the 60 to use a restroom in the main terminal. Entertaining how life is.

I agree, we need to help the ones who so desperately need it but the likelihood of it happening is so remote unless however we really VOICE what we need to do. So many of our local peoples travel for health services outside the local area and NEED to travel via Alaska Airlines and others to receive the treatment they need to make it through day to day life. But until a few local officials actually have a few medical health issues it's a dog gone shame that it won't happen until then - then they will realize how truly hard it is to travel . And it really does not have to be like that, and it shouldn't have to be !!!!

Thanks for letting me vent. I watch people each day at work with various issues trying to get to the terminal and then through security and it's awful. Surely we can come up with a better plan of assistance!!!!

Shirley McDonald

Received December 30, 2006 - Published December 31, 2006

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