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Loss of Airporter Bus
By Ken Levy


December 31, 2006
Sunday PM

The loss of the Airporter bus is really a bad idea for those who travel to and from our city. It was really nice to have someone come to your place and pick you up and always be there to meet your return flight. Airport service with Alaska Airlines is less than great and even if the plane would be 4 hours late someone was always there to meet you. And what about the people that have trouble with their luggage due to a bad back? Or what if you don't have someone to drive you to the airport and pick you up.

This is another sad loss for the city of Ketchikan. If we are going to want to be the Disneyland of Alaska for the lower 48 we had better start acting like it. The traveling public needs airport transportation that they can count on. If Ketchikan wants to be the First City they should start acting like it.

Ken Levy
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 30, 2006 - Published December 31, 2006

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