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Truth and Consequences
By Glen Thompson


December 31, 2006
Sunday PM

I was going to just let this go, but no one likes a gloating winner, especially when facts are misrepresented:

The Ketchikan Charter Commission repeatedly asserted that taxes would not increase due to consolidation. Any increase would be caused by external forces unrelated to consolidation like PERS/TERS.

The fact that, during this budget cycle, the City of Ketchikan chose not to raise property taxes to pay for increased costs likely reflects a desire to use reserves rather than increasing constituent taxes or decreasing services. Excessive reserves are evidence of disproportionate taxation in prior periods but that is an entirely separate discussion.

The City has unhitched its sales tax from that of the Borough and effectively extended it to non-city island residents effective immediately. No one is sure how much additional tax revenue that will reap, but it certainly represents an increase to non-city residents who voted against consolidation.

Consolidation is like the bridge issue; it tends to pop up every few years, probably because it makes common sense. Mr. Dial s suggested moratorium on ever considering it again would deny future generations their right to choose.

Finally, the voters DID choose to establish our commission by VOTE and VOTED the commissioners into office. The fact that the final work product was rejected by VOTE is emblematic of democracy.

Glen Thompson
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 31, 2006 - Published December 31, 2006

About: "Former Chair, consolidation commission, current Assemblymember, future rabble rouser"


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