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Airporter Replacement Suggestion
By Shelley Stallings


December 30, 2006
Saturday AM

Now would be an ideal time for the airport and Alaska Airlines to implement a baggage check-in on the Ketchikan side of Tongass Narrows. At the same time build a small heated waiting terminal with bathrooms for travelers. This would solve many issues and make travel to and from the airport much more pleasant. The baggage check-in area would also serve as the baggage claim area for Ketchikan travelers. This could be done by this summer if all parties would cooperate and make this a priority. I would be willing to pay a parking fee to help fund this project. If other airports around the country can have a red cap baggage service outside the terminal, then we can do this here, it just takes imagination and commitment to get it done.

Most of our local government officials were supportive of spending hundreds of millions of dollars for a bridge to the airport, how about the same support for a few hundred thousand dollars to do this for Ketchikan travelers.

Shelley Stallings
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 29, 2006 - Published December 30, 2006

About: "24 year resident of Ketchikan"

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