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Airporter service
By Bill Thomas Sr.


December 30, 2006
Saturday AM

Dear Sitnews,

I totally agree with the comments from Shannon Nelson regarding the discontinued service of the Airporter. My wife and I have traveled frequently over the last several years and we are very limited mobility wise. We too have many personal items that we need to take with us on trips for medical. Beside plenty of luggage, we have a wheelchair, a walker, a breathing bi-pap, 4 walking canes and carry-ons. The drivers have shown courtesy without fail. They carried our belongings from our house to the Airporter, helped us board the vehicle. Our disabilities slow us down and we need more time than most to get in and out of commercial vehicles. They would take our personal belongings to the check-in counter and did the same when we returned.

Our travels will continue as our health issues require. We can only hope a replacement service will be available when the current service discontinues. Thank you Airporter. Current and previous operators. You made a positive impact on our dignity while traveling. We wish you the best in what ever path you take next.

We wish you the Happiest of New Year.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 29, 2006 - Published December 30, 2006

About: "Long time user of the Airporter"


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