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Revised Fuel Price Study
By Ken Lewis


December 29, 2006

After further review into the new (last 20 years) EPA standards that would affect a Co-Op venture into reduced fuel prices. This study now takes into account transportation in double hulled vessels combined with the environmentally friendly fuel farm standards of today, and a team of Haz-Mat special Ops paratroopers on call! The new study concludes selling fuel a risky venture! A Co-Op would work but the members may not see a reduction in fuel prices until the year 2036. And that is, if the spotted Caribou herd does not migrate to Cleveland Peninsula and the Dow Jones maintains a 5 percent increase in 2015.

In conclusion, my revised study contradicts my old study that was based on wishful thinking, and fewer lawyers. Until then we may have to rely on competitive free market supply and demand. Change is great but apparently that Exxon Valdez thing had an impact on fuel near water. This all could have been avoided with better communication, the Captain did not say run on the rocks, he in fact said "Rum on the rocks".

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 19, 2006 - Published December 29, 2006

About: Ken Lewis' opinions may include satire and parody, and mix fact with fiction. He assumes informed readers will be able to tell the difference



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