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Community Christmas Sing-Out
By Judith Green


December 29, 2006

It was not the best of weather nights and the parking was limited but there was a large and appreciative crowd at the Community Christmas Sing-Out last Sunday night at the Presbyterian Church.

The Ktn Community Chorus began the evening with Gloria by Vivaldi, sang some traditional songs, introduced some not so familiar seasaonl music, and featured a small ensemble group.

The Lutheran Church choir featured the women s section in one number, a piece in Latin, as well some 4 part harmony songs. One number was accompanied by string bass, a triangle and piano. A great performance.

There were 2 solo numbers (Joann Flora, soprano and Steve Kinney, bass) from Handel s Messiah followed by one of the highs of the evening. The audience was invited to come up on stage and join in the singing of the Hallelujah Chorus. What a crowd of voices and a thrill for all with the blend that came forth.

After the audience returned to their seats some traditional seasonal music was sung by all, accompanied by a small wood wind ensemble. The evening ended with O Come All Ye Faithful, AND a rousing applause from the community audience.

All were invited to refreshments where festive decorations and a beautiful cake were arranged, and the evening ended on a sweet note.

Judith Green
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 20, 2006 - Published December 16, 2006

About: "Music oriented, community minded resident glad to be back in Ketchikan"


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