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Good Deeds
By Mark Neckameyer


December 16, 2006

Sometimes the Good Deeds You Perform Come Back to Kick You in the Teeth!

It seems to work that way for nations too. The United States loves to liberate other countries that are enslaved; peoples being mistreated and terrorized. We liberated Europe from the Nazis and it worked out well, We saved Eastern Europe from the Soviets and so far it seems to be a success. We freed the Philippines twice; from the Spanish a hundred years ago and then again from the Japanese Imperialists in WW2 and that worked out but we also rescued Cuba from the Spanish and look what happened there, a proverbial kick in the teeth for us in Cuba!

Then there is Iraq. We freed Iraqi citizens from Sadaam and his Baath Party's bloody dictatorship. The Kurds in Northern Iraq are free and safe and the downtrodden, formerly suppressed and tortured Shiites have been liberated too. President Bush was correct when he said the job had been completed four years ago when he landed on that aircraft carrier, the basic job had been completed anyway. Unfortunately there is something in the Arabic culture that defines freedom as a license to kill, kidnap and torture ones neighbors if their opinions about life, religion or politics differ. They apparently feel it is OK to murder children to bring attention to a cause and to generally to be as violent and behave in as bloody a manner as possible. You even get to Paradise acting that way on occasion, right?

Where is the proof that this is correct, that the Arab culture is violently to blame? Look at the Palestinian Territories, populated by pretty much same Muslim Arabs as in Iraq. There are two political parties; Hamaas and Fatah. They have the usual political differences not so unlike what we have here between Democrats and Republicans but in Palestine there are daily political murders, children killed intentionally in driveby shootings, beheadings, yesterday a judge murdered "execution style", etc. Need more evidence? Does the name "Darfur" and the murders, rapes and savagery there sound familiar; Arabs versus primitive non-Arabs in that instance? This is first class ethnic genocide in action being perpetrated against Africans by the Arab population of the area.

We freed those Iraqi people all right at the cost of Billions of tax dollars that could have been used to make the lives of needy people here in the USA more comfortable. We could have used the money to re-build the Gulf Coast or to fund a NASA Mars program of to develop fuel cells for cars to rid ourselves of dependence on the whacko Middle East for energy. OK America, we are good people and we usually succeed but not this time and it is not our fault (Or Bush's or the Republicans or anybody here in government!) Iraq is the odd good deed that kicks us in the teeth. This is a problem for the Muslim world to figure out and handle. What is wrong with these people?!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California

Received December 16, 2006 - Published December 16, 2006



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