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Fuel Prices
By Ken Lewis


December 16, 2006

Fuel prices would drop if a Co-Op were started in this community! The price of moving fuel from Point Wells, WA. to Ketchikan AK has probably changed since I worked on Foss Tugs (late 70s) but at that time 3 pennies a gallon covered our transporting costs. Because Ketchikan is the first stop as the barge makes its way to Wrang, Pete, Juneau, Sitka, I would assume our fuel prices would be the first to drop.

When I see the barge that brings the fuels to us today, I see a barge that is twice the capacity with more than likely the same size crew, if not one man smaller. This tells me 3 pennies a gallon is probably not far off, based on the million gallons hauled. 3 million pennies equals $30K. If the tug and barge were leased for $5K a day, this would allow for 6 days running time! Tell me it's 6 pennies a gallon, but this Dumb-Dumb cannot understand a 70 penny difference unless they are scooping the product out by hand today.

Fair market value could be stimulated by a group of groups forming a Co-Op. Dang it, those 3 big tanks were sold at the old mill auction, and the initial cost of a tank farm would probably be the stumbling block.

Why do black helicopters always fly overhead when I start typing?

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 16, 2006 - Published December 16, 2006



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