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Plane wreckage?
By Josh Stamm


December 16, 2006

I have lived my whole life on Umnak Island in Nikolski. I have worked recently at Fort Glenn which has a cattle ranch there. I was so interested in all the military stuff and noticed the military buried a lot of equipment when they left..A friend of mine who worked there while the military was there said they even buried airplanes and trucks. I was just curious if anyone would ever go and dig all that stuff up.

On the Pacific side of Umnak right across from the village is a place we call Washington's Point. Me and my friends found two airplane wings way up on the beach. From what it looks like the plane had gone down in the ocean and the wings had floated ashore. They are definitely from World War II but I'm not sure if it's American or Japanese. The wings are very small, probably only 16 ft. or so long. I wonder if anyone knows what they might be from?

Josh Stamm
Nikolski, AK

Received December 15, 2006 - Published December 16, 2006




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