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RE:The State Jet
By Charlie Johnson


December 16, 2006

The last time I checked, Palmer was still in our time zone. If this has changed, I missed the memo. People are flapping about "our" jet because it was deceptively purchased. The people voted and then were ignored. I vote, therefore I can complain!

The only "anti" Murkowski thing I equate with the jet is every time he used it for personal gain at the cost of the State. For his final send off he flew himself South for the Winter; including a trip to New York for a family birthday party. Every time I hear about cousin Frank and his toy, I picture him rolling down the runway with his cheeks pressed to the window.

I am happy to hear we are getting rid of the plane. I have ridden in both, the old "ghetto" King Air, and the new "bling-bling" jet and "Frank"ly, I like like the King Air better.

Ms. Allen shouldn't worry about a jet landing in her town, but lets think about everyone in the other time zone(s)? that deserve their Governor's attention too. Planes are tools and tools should be selected by which one will do the best job. That's why most planes in SE have floats and planes up North have skis.

Charlie Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 15, 2006 - Published December 16, 2006

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