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As long as we are holding auctions...
By Hunter Davis


December 14, 2006

If eBay works for the plane, then let's get those two high speed ferries listed today. How high speed can they be when one has been tied up at the dock for a year?

Some ferry service somewhere can use them, let's just take the losses, suck it up, and build ships designed for Alaska waters. Proven designs. We have to be conservative here. The AMHS is too valuable to SouthEast to spend sinful scads of money for ships that remain tied up to the bullrail.

Next up will be hover craft, eh? Why not? They can cross the English Channel with boring regularity. Of course fuel consumption is terrible, and those roaring turbines coming into port at 0214 hours would probably tick a few folks off, but you know something...they would be running.

Hunter Davis
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ketchikan resident, always looking for small government"


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