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Army Recruitment Ad on Top of Alaska News Page?
By Dan Mortenson


December 12, 2006
Tuesday AM

I'd like to know why an Army recruitment ad constitutes "news" enough to put it at the top of your "Stories in the News" page. An ad is an ad is an ad, and there is no justifiable way to interpret the well-known fact that the Army wants recruits as any sort of breaking news. ( )

If there were some reason that Army recruiting was itself news (meeting quotas, not meeting quotas, deciding to recruit gays, etc...), that would qualify as news, but would still not be served by a simple link to a recruiting page.

You should realise that having the Army's ad head up a page of putative news links, makes your bias very clear to all that visit that page, and furthermore makes a reader wonder about the slant of the entire site. Journalism depends on some degree of objectivity and trust of the source; and when one doesn't trust the standards of the source, you have, well, FOX (FAUX) "News"; or as Rush says, "I'm not a journalist -- I'm an entertainer!".

I've been referred to your site as a good source of local news, and this is my second visit. After seeing this, however, what looks like a blatantly servile attitude toward generalized militarism, I'm not sure I'll be back.

If, however, this was meant as an actual ad, rather than an ad disguised as news, you should have it somewhere other than in a news column. If I'm judging harshly, or overestimating your web savvy, I apologize. If so, please take this as one person's feedback on the impression your page left on me.

Dan Mortenson
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 10, 2006 - Published December 12, 2006

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