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Will Ketchikan's gas prices ever go down?
By Richard John Jr.


December 09, 2006

I agree that we pay more for gas. I have been watching and reading in the paper that the prices have been going down. There was also a time where I read that the gas prices went down 84 cents in a week's time and am still waiting to see if that happens here. No drop in prices here and that was back in the summer. I also read after that that there had been another drop and no drop here. I think it would be great to take the bus and not fill up for a week or so here to see what happens.

Richard John Jr.
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 08, 2006 - Published December 09, 2006

About: "42 year old Alaskan Native and born and raised here in Ketchikan."




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