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About KPU giving Bad Service
By Scott Willis


December 07, 2006
Thursday PM

Concerning Laurie Price's unfortunate event upon disconnection of the wrong telephone line:

I am very sorry that you experienced this unfortunate problem and assure you that we the Union Labor at KPU telephone do our very best and strive to ensure the very best quality and service from KPU.

I can also assure you that your presence in the Borough in no way affects the quality of service we strive to offer. We as employees are also customers of KPU and live throughout the Borough as well. KPU serves the community that lives on this island. I along with my Union Brethren of KPU workers care very much about our customers because KPU customers are also our Friends, our Family, our Neighbors and our Community.

I hope you never have another service concern, but if it ever does occur please contact KPU Testboard at 611 or 225-2111 and call Bailey Power House after hours at 225-4011 if your Service is disrupted or out of service. These contact numbers can be found on Page 1 of your telephone directory.

KPU Telephone Division takes outages very seriously and will dispatch technicians 24 hours a day 7 days a week to include weekends and holidays if telephone is out of service.

I do not know who told you such a ridiculous idea as plugging a phone into your FAX number. I can guarantee that is was not a Telephone Division Union Technician!

I urge you to next time speak directly with KPU Telephone Division. I assure you that Quality and Service is our primary concern to our customers regardless of residential or business. KPU Telephone would have called out a technician to fix your problem had we known about it! I restored your service that very minute it was brought to my attention this morning.

To Laurie and all of my customers to whom I serve, I am sorry for any service ordeals that you may have and encourage you to call KPU TELEPHONE DIVISION to report ANY troubles with service you are having and not go outside of the Telephone division to report troubles. It is we the KPU Telephone Technicians that can fix the problem. All too often we get 2nd hand and 3rd hand reports of problems that can be solved in seconds but sometimes take days getting to us because the other groups simply wait to tell us. This was the case in this event. Had Telephone Managers been notified, a tech would have been dispatched and your phone would have been restored last night after hours because if it was our fault, then we would have fixed it, right away.

Scott Willis
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received December 07, 2006 - Published December 07, 2006

About:Journeyman Central Office Technician, Ketchikan Public Utilities
IBEW 1547
Cisco Certified Network Associate
A+ and Network+
Nortel Certified Support Specialist
Bachelor of Science - Computer Information Systems
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