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The Sam Pitcher Memorial Scholarship Concert
By Judith Green


December 07, 2006
Thursday PM

The concert tonight at the Kayhi auditorium was AGAIN another rousing good evening of spirited enthusiastic musical talent from our young people.

Each one of these young people was enjoying their part in this evening of jazz and blues. The conductors, Dale Curtis and Roy McPherson inspire and encourage a 'give it all you've got' attitude, which is so evident as we listen piece after piece: "it keeps getting better" we say after each. "We" don't even notice the time that has lapsed. Why? Because the students are so enjoying their time of performing with each other; and giving their all.

There is talent in all sections brought out by both Dale and Roy. Almost every piece featured soloists-or was it every piece?

Two pieces featured an outstanding Kayhi student vocalist. Poised and confident. Comfortable with the microphone. Clearly sang the words. Each note was clear, not forced.

What a wonderful tribute to the memory of Sam Pitcher.

This town is so fortunate to have inspiring 'role' models.

Thank you to these young people for their time, practice, and talent.

Judith Green
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received December 07, 2006 - Published December 07, 2006

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