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RE: Gas Prices
By Jerilyn Lester


December 07, 2006
Thursday PM

I published a letter earlier this year when the gas prices in Bellingham, Washington were 50 cents lower than we are. The price that the company is charged has gone down and instead of Safeway, Chevron and 76 changing their prices they just continue to gouge us. If things don't change I think we should start a campaign to take the bus instead of putting gas in the car. Especially since they go all the way out north and south. If anyone else has some ideas then let's hear them. I have stopped trading at the store in town that does this and will also stop using the gas stations for the same reason.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received December 07, 2006 - Published December 07, 2006

About: "22 year resident of Ketchikan, Driver and automobile owner, tax payer and concerned citizen."




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