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Consult With Seniors... We Still Have A Brain
By Joan Hurliman


December 02, 2006

I am writing regarding the article in the week-end paper,(Nov.25-26) "Seniors explain space crunch". In reading the article, I found it quite interesting that there were no quotes from seniors. Mr. Branco (25 years old and a very nice young man), explained there was not enough room, but has he asked any of the seniors what they would like to do with extra space? Mr. Zastrow (another very nice person) was talking about the foot clinic and lunch making a 'crunch' on time and space. Well, Mr. Zastrow, if you used this facility at all, you would have known the foot clinic (now no longer) was held every other month on SATURDAY, when lunch is not served.

It's quite obvious neither of these gentlemen use the services provided, one being 35 years to young, and it not being a need for the other. Did you know if you're 59 your lunch will cost you $8.00 at Senior Services? Being older it's only $2.00. Mr. Zastrow, did you know if you wish to ride the bus, you must call 24 hours ahead to be picked up? Of course not, you have a car and do not live on a fixed income of under $1,000.00 a month.

We at SeaView, get nothing, it's like the Seniors here do not exist. Delma (whose hours have been cut after several years there) has been replaced by a younger female. Delma was always very considerate of our Seniors.

Please quit planning for seniors without consulting with them. We may be older, but we still have a brain, and are able to give advice.

Mr. Branco, after hearing you on the radio, and making the statement "you were the oldest 25 year old", may I just say NOT!!! I have grandchildren older than you. So let's stop the politics on appointing our 'managers' and get someone with empathy and compassion for the elders who are in the beginning stages of alzheimers or dementia, and not say "We're not equipped to have them here".

Joan Hurliman
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 01, 2006 - Published December 02, 2006

About: "Senior Citizen Living at SeaView"


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