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Singing Christmas Tree 2005
Photos By Carl & Lisa Thompson


December 16, 2005
Friday AM

Ketchikan, Alaska - The annual performance of the Singing Christmas Tree which has over the decades reached the level of a holiday tradition for families was presented last weekend at the Clover Pass Community Church.

If you missed this Christmas concert or if would like to enjoy the performance again, Kevin Gould, minister of the Clover Pass Community Church, said DVDs of the 2005 Singing Christmas Tree performance will be available in early January for $10.00. To order a copy, contact the church office at 907-247-2360.

jpg Singing Christmas Tree

Adult Choir
Photo by Carl Thompson

Adult Choir Director Rob Holston. Choir members: Stephanie Hemminger, Janene Mickel, Katrina Monta, Tiffany Pickrell, Amber Shull, Patricia English, Sheila Gould, Ann Graham, Patrice Gray, Jenelle Henrick, Bonnie Linder, Suzanne Maki, Carolyn Nelson, Kelly Thrush, Jodi Albertson, Betty Constuble, Brianna Constuble, Chris Cooke, Ashton Cropp, Jenn Gould, Kristina Hale, Amy Hasty, Kay Long, Karen Nason, Natalie Richards, Sara Steffen, Ashley Turner, Deanna Vincent, Shawn Caskey, Virgil English, David Gould, Gordon Gray, Ken Linder, Greg Thrush, Tim Long, Larry Richards, Jim Vincent, John Maki, Clint McClennan, Richard Pickrell, Steve Randall, Drew Shannon and Andrew Spokely.

jpg children's choir

Children's Choir
Photo by Lisa Thompson

Director - Becky English. Children;s Choir Members: Beau Albertson, Brittany Cropp, Kessa Elliot, Daniel Enger, Sarah Gucker, Clarissa Hubbard, Meagan Jorgensen, Torey Jorgensen, Rose Anna Kacenas, Micah Long, Kaylie Loptein, Brian McClennan, Sarah McClennan, Brendan Nason, Rebecca Nason, Ciara Northrup, Savannah Schaffer, Miranda Tallman, Tyler Turner, Maria Wojcik and Michaela Wojcik.

jpg Tim Livingston

Tim Livingston
Photo by Lisa Thompson

jpg Men's quartet

Men's Quartet
Photo by Lisa Thompson

Men's Quartet Members: Shawn Caskey, Ken Linder, Rick Pickrell and Rob Holston.

jpg Church Band
Clover Pass Community Church Band
Photo by Lisa Thompson

Clover Pass Community Church Band Members: Kevin Gould, David Gould, Kristina Hale, Helen Wickert, Matthew Cooke and Ken Linder.


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