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Project Promotes Elder-Youth Matches


December 08, 2005

jpg art project

Boys and Girls Club member working on an art project with Mrs. Zastrow at the Pioneers' Home.
Photo courtesy Boys & Girls Club
Ketchikan, Alaska - Bingo was just the beginning of another day for friends to gather for fun at the Great Hall of the Pioneers' Home. Amy LaSage of Boys and Girls Club reported that Boys and Girls Club member Jared read the bingo call numbers as every eye was focused intently on the cards.

After the bingo winners claimed their prizes the activities expanded to games, art projects and Karaoke. One table became the Jenga arena. In this game, players pull a block from the tower until the structure has no support and tumbles. When the tower fell, everyone laughed. At another table, participants could use a salad spinner and paint to create beautiful designs. And for those who just had to sing, there was Karaoke. LaSage said everyone had to sing to Markie before her Big Sister Tracy Acre whisked her away to an afternoon at the movies.

The latest gathering held on the afternoon of November 19th was a collaboration between the Alaska Community Services, Pioneers' Home, Seaview Terrace, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ketchikan, and Ketchikan's Boys and Girls Club. LaSage said these activities serve to foster friendships between elders and youth in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

According to Amy LaSage of Boys and Girls Club Alaska, this is an on-going project to promote Elder-Matches. She said the next Intergenerational Party will be held at the Pioneers' Home on Saturday December 17th from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.


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