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Vote for Rob, He's the man for the job!!
By Kevin Kristovich


December 26, 2005

This open letter is in regards to the upcoming elections for the Ketchikan Indian community. I am asking the tribal membership support in re-electing Rob Sanderson.

While I was involved with the tribe as a subsistence/culture committee member, I had the pleasure and opportunity to have worked with Rob on issues of great importance such as the proposed pesticide spraying on Long Island, and the proposed mining on Duke Island and other subsistence/culture issues at hand.

Rob has cultural ties to the community originally growing up in Hydaburg where the subsistence and culture way of life is still being passed on to the younger generations. Rob is a hard working member of the tribal council by putting in countless hours on committee levels to make sure that business gets done for the tribe and the membership involved. Rob will continue to do work hard for the tribal membership if re-elected. Rob is a devoted single parent to his 8 year old son, Keenan. Rob is also very active in native community working with the tribal elders and the younger generations.

Please make the right choice when you vote on January 16th 2006.

Thank you for your support.

Kevin Kristovich
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Kevin Kristovich is a former subsistence/culture committee member, Ketchikan Indian Community, tribal council member, subsistence chairman, organized village of Kasaan, secretary, board of directors Gulf of Alaska Coastal Community Coalition, member of the Alaska Native Subsistence halibut working group, commercial fisherman and subsistence user.


Note: This letter was received on December 24th and published on December 26th.


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