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Unanswered Questions
By Jay Jones


December 26, 2005

I agree with Robert D. Warner's letter. Geez Mr. Grams, you sound like you are planning to run for office with all that bureaucratic double speak. Why would anyone want to be "partnering early with" an entity (Federal Government) 7 trillion dollars in debt? Maybe they want a chance to enrich themselves through an increase of that debt.

I wish someone would answer any of the questions I have posed in my past letters. I guess all the people trying to make a buck at the expense of the taxpayers/rate payers are too embarrassed to respond. I would like to challenge the local "watchdog press" (or anybody else for that matter) to tell me who the top ten private landowners are on Gravina. When there is a push for 'growth for growth's sake' one can usually find real estate interests, developers, and construction types behind the push, all wanting the taxpayers to fund a jobs program for them. Government does not create jobs, it just takes increasingly larger parts of yours and mine, and moves them elsewhere, incredibly inefficiently. Pretty soon I expect the City to start taxing seamstresses on their thimbles and needles. If the local politicians would quit running this town like a third world socialist country, some serious capital might come in.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Jay Jones moved to Dutch Harbor in 1986. He has lived in the Ketchikan area since 2001. Jones says he is an expert taxpayer.


Note: This letter was received December 24th and published December 26th.

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