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By Joseph Branco


December 23, 2005
Friday PM

Hello again everyone in Sitnews land! It has been quite a while, and I must say - you all look great! Glad to see I haven't missed much in my 7-month break from Sitnews - same tired debate about the bridge with the steadfast arguer Mr. Hoff. You have to love a guy with less to do than a eunuch's blow up doll. So I come today with Holiday Greetings for all!

2005 has been a particularly wonderful year for my family and me, certainly the most eventful.

First, I am excited to be a new Dad. My baby girl Ashley Victoria was born May 4th, 2005 on my birthday! Born 8 pounds, 8 ounces - she is without a doubt the most amazing and beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen. Having a baby girl certainly stirs up your life with wonderful joy and a new sense of purpose. And, not to be outdone by Thumper and friends, my wife and I are expecting another bundle of joy and bills in July 2006!

In addition to the birth of my baby girl and the news of a new baby on the way, my family has also celebrated these life milestones in 2005:

  • I graduated from The University of Alaska with a Bachelor s Degree in Business Administration
  • My wife, Angie also graduated from The University of Alaska with a Bachelor s Degree in Business Administration
  • Angie and I were both accepted and are currently enrolled in the Master'sof Business Administration (MBA) program through UAS.
  • Our family started Red Wire Productions ( this year with great success
  • My brother Michael (General Manager of Movie Gallery) and his family moved here from Iowa
  • I made it through a year of marriage with my wife pregnant for 80% of the time (no small feat!)
  • I've also learned invaluable professional lessons including how to disassociate my political bias from business strategy and operational decisions and the hidden value of silence. (no comment)

I would like to thank Ketchikan for helping to make my small DJ and event planning enterprise take off with tremendous success in 2005. While we relied solely on word-of-mouth advertising this past year, Red Wire Productions has decided to invest in a promotional plan I have developed so you will certainly be hearing much more from our humble start-up in 2006!

For those of you who are able, I will be the DJ at the New Year's Eve Party thrown by Cammie and Martin at That Other Place (old New York Café). It will be a wonderful time to get an early start on breaking those New Year's Resolutions!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Ketchikan!

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Joseph Branco is a 4 Year Resident of Ketchikan, a business graduate from The University of Alaska, a father to 2 children and another on the way, a free-lance writer, a computer programmer at KGH, the owner of Red Wire Productions, a professional Disc Jockey, a flute player, a graduate student at UAS, and the best and most humble person you'll ever meet!


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