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Letter To Santa
By Jerry Cegelske


December 23, 2005
Friday PM

Dear Santa,
Hi, I have been good this year, well at least I have tried to be.  I can't do much to prove it but maybe this will help.
It's nice that you are flying from roof top to roof top.  The people here leave trash on the road that they allow to blow out of their vehicles, of course they don't think they are bad because they wouldn't throw stuff on the road intentionally.  I wonder what they think when they get to the landfill without their trash?  Anyway your reindeer may trip on the stuff and get hurt if they were allowed on the roads.

jpg trash

Don't let your reindeer eat along the roads either, they would probably get sick if they licked the salt from the french fry boxes or ate some of the burger wrappers, plastic bags, and other trash people throw out of their cars, then all the children around the world wouldn't get their Christmas presents, that would be sad.  Can people that throw trash out of their cars be on your "nice" list? 
If your reindeer get tired of flying around, don't let them land on Revilla Road, or drink by Lake Harriet Hunt, they may step on nails from burned pallets or on broken glass from the shot up televisions or other trash that gets left there, then you couldn't keep giving out presents.  You would have to take them to the vertari- vetrianiian, the veiter- the animal doctor out North!  Be careful south of town also as they dump stuff there to!
I hope you wear goggles, especially if it is windy.  The trash flying around may block your vision so you wouldn't see my house- I'll leave some Christmas lights on for you to see it.
I'll leave some cookies and milk out for you and some hay for Rudolph and the other reindeer.  If they go # 2 please clean it up!  And be careful if you walk around downtown because they don't clean up their dog stuff either.  It would be bad to slide down the chimney and leave that stuff on the carpet, Mom would not like it!
I don't want much for Christmas but would like it if people took care of their trash and did not let it dirty the ditches and blow around.  Is that too much to ask for?  If I can't have that for Christmas, Please, Please let me be following someone that lets trash blow out of their truck, or throw trash out the car window?  I would really really like it if I could catch someone dumping this stuff that would hurt your reindeer!  They have to be on your "naughty" list!
I'm sending a picture of stuff that was allowed to blow out of a truck on Monday so you know you have to be careful!
Merry Christmas Santa!
Jerry Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Jerry Cegelske is a Code Enforcement officer with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough.



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