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Holiday Blues & Networking
By George Miller


December 23, 2005
Friday PM

A local Christian church is the best network ever for those who are looking for support as they go through life. It has been proven through long term studies that those who have a good relationship with a Christian church will have less sickness , longer lives, more stable families and an overall more satisfying life. That is not to say that just a social relationship is the answer, but rather a close and life-giving relationship with THE LORD JESUS. He is the in- exaustable source of foregiveness, healing, restoration and joy. Whether you have experienced divorce, addictions, rejection, injustice, or just want some new friends, the church has proven to be the best of sources. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season folks can get a bit blue, especially when away from loves ones. True Christian friends will not be into drugs or alcohol, so hanging out with them is a safer bet to avoid those things. If folks are regretting past actions or remembering past pain, they will find great support from those who love God and will pray with them and point them to life giving scripture from the Bible. So, drop a coin in that phone and call the Christ centered community, they are headed somewhere wonderful and can help you get pointed in the right direction at this time of year. God Bless You this Christmas.

George Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: George is pastor of a local christian church. He also works as a substance abuse counselor. He has decades of experience in the timber industry and in the gospel ministry in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.




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