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Saddam Hussein and Tookie Williams
By Mark Neckameyer


December 21, 2005
Wednesday PM

At Saddam Hussein's trial in Iraq today we learned that the deposed leader's regime killed and tortured people by administering electric shocks and ripping off their skin after pouring molten plastic on them.   Saddam sat quietly today in his defendant's chair until the judge refused to let him take a break to pray which made Saddam angry, religious, pious man that he is. The former leader closed his eyes and appeared to pray from his seat. 
Besides being responsible for mass rapes, murdering his son-in-law, gassing entire Kurdish cities full of men women and children, torture, war crimes and other miscellaneous horrors, Saddam is a pretty nice guy.  The political party Saddam rode to dictatorship in Iraq is the Baath party, a secular political party related to the beastly party that rules Syria.  In a kind of miracle we have seen most recently in the case of serial killer Tookie Williams, Saddam has found religion.  I don't know for certain but am pretty sure that Saddam has begun to write children's books warning little Iraqis about the dangers of megalomania, mass murder and rape camps. Saddam is a changed man!
Will the NAACP get involved earlier this time to save the "new" Saddam from the hangman?  Will The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and rapper Snoop Dogg travel to Iraq soon to picket and show support for another one of their heroes?  Will Austria and the European Union expect California Governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger to singlehandely rescue Saddam from his accusers in the nick of time to save his enlightened life?
I bet some Hollywood type songwriter is already writing "The Ballad of Saddam Hussein" so Joan Baez can sing it execution night in Baghdad.  Sounds only fair to me!
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California - USA
About: Mark Neckameyer is a retired Finance executive who plans to take up residence summers on the Alaska coast in the next couple of years ... as soon as his wife can also retire from her career.  Mark resides in Southern California where he has been an active volunteer assisting Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other community and charitable organizations.  He is especially interested in cat spay and neuter programs.   He works in a group that collects surplus dry cat food from manufacturers which he delivers to people who feed feral cat colonies.



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