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Patriot Act and Privacy
By Virginia E. Atkinson


December 20, 2005
Tuesday PM

If the Patriot Act is voted down how can any would-be terrorist threat be foiled? Use psychics maybe.

I may be a very strong believer when it comes to privacy, but when it comes to safety, is privacy that important?

Does this name ring a bell? Timothy McVeigh? Yes, America has its own home-grown terrorists. How soon we forget, huh?

Yes, American citizens do have ties with terrorist abroad. How will we know when that next Timothy McVeigh strike on our own soil? Maybe after the fact, when another building is crumbling down and more lives are lost. And some politicians in Washington that could vote this down, will soon remember how many terror theats have been prevented since 9/11, due to the Patriot Act, and those fingers will be pointing in every direction, looking for someone to blame. That blame-game... that's becoming an American tradition these days.

Why would anyone object to wire tapping possible terrorist activities when it can and has been preventing attacks on America?

What's more important? Our privacy or our safety?

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK - USA


About: Virginia E. Atkinson is a long time resident of Metlakatla.




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