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Open Letter to Ketchikan Indian Community
By Rob Sanderson Jr.


December 20, 2005
Tuesday PM

Having had the honor and privilege to serve four (4) years on the KIC Tribal Council, I am asking for your vote and support as there are KIC goals and projects that still require immediate attention. According to federal officials, there will be budget cuts across the board that will directly affect KIC programs. KIC must be prepared. We, as the Tribal Council, must persist in identifying funding sources for our tribe.

Education will always be a high priority. We must continue to find ways to continue funding education of our youth and address our high Native drop out rate. We need more year-round educational and culture programs. With support, KIC Social Services and Educational programs can continue the important programs they have been offering tribal membership. KIC staff is capable and knowledgeable and we should be providing additional education and training for career advancement. Native hire is a priority.

KIC must continue to operate the Hatchery and Eagle Center to provide jobs, education, training and economic development.

Tribal Council must protect our traditional/subsistence way of life. KIC Housing is moving ahead in a positive direction and I will continue to push for funding for tribal member housing.

KIC must also continue to lead the fight in aerial pesticide aerial spraying
I believe I can provide the continuity and experience necessary to continue moving forward as a Tribe.

KIC is a leader in Tribal issues and continues to partner with federal, state and local organizations. KIC Tribal Council has revived the culture, subsistence and education committees in the recent past and the chairs of those committees have been very active in involving staff and the community.

I believe the elders must have a voice. They are our guides, our counselors, the conscience of our Tribe, and keepers of our traditions.

I encourage all Tribal Members to vote on January 16th. We, as a tribe, must never lose our cultural identity.KIC is a shining star in Indian Country.


Rob Sanderson Jr.
KIC Tribal Council member
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Rob Sanderson Jr. is currently a KIC Tribal Council member, 6 year Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, and past president of Ketchikan local CCTHITA Chapter.



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