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The Lazy People Continue To Dump Trash
By Jerry Cegelske


December 20, 2005
Tuesday PM

The people that worked so hard to clean up Revilla Road last Spring would be greatly disappointed to see its condition now.  The people that are too lazy to take their junk and trash to the landfill, that are too lazy even to pick up the phone and get details about waste disposal at the land fill, are at it again.

jpg trash dumped

Trash dumped across from Ward Lake Road

The tires and refrigerator can be disposed of for FREE at the landfill!  Why are they dumped along Revilla Road near the new ball field area?
I am sure they must feel that they are getting away with something, what I don't know.  Wonder if they were laughing while they did it?
It is rather disgusting that they have so little regard for the hard work that was done to clean these places in April.
I remember a little girl about five or six picking up litter at 4.2 mile.  Her mother told me she heard about the clean-up and wanted to participate.  It was encouraging to see someone that small wanting to help.  How does her mother explain this mess to her?

Jerry Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Jerry Cegelske is a Code Enforcement Officer with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough.


Trash pile

Fridge and tires left across from Ward Lake Road

Building siding and tar paper

Television at Mile 4.2 Revilla Road

Television at Mile 4.2 Revilla Road

Car stereo- Mile 4.2 Revilla Road

Metal stand- Mile 4.2 Revilla Rd.

Mile 5 Revilla Rd. shooting pit

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