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Alaska Revenues
By Glenn Bell


December 20, 2005
Tuesday PM

Alaska revenues belong to Alaskans, yes that's right so I guess they should be able to spend it the way it will help any city in Alaska.

What should Ketchikan spend the bridge money on if they had a choice? A road to the main land? Maybe. How about fixing up low income homes for families who bust their butt everyday to help support Ketchikan? Maybe.

What about more funds for Emergency Response Organizations? i.e. KFD KPD (to help get more of the drug dealing scum off the streets.) NTFD, STFD?? Maybe.

Ketchikan needs to decide on what is best for their economy and future. Not Sunday morning quarterbacks, who talk a lot but don't get in the game.

Ignorance is a choice.

Glenn Bell
Attalla, AL - USA


About: Glenn Bell is a construction worker living in Attalla, Alabama. Bell lived in Ketchikan for 26 yrs.



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