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The Christmas Boat Parade
By Ann Hupe


December 20, 2005
Tuesday PM

Dear Editor:

I just moved from Amish County, Ohio to Ketchikan this October, and I would like to state my appreciation to all the boats that participated in the Christmas Boat Parade. Having never lived in a maritime location, I am learning new things every day, and I could not pass up on this celebration.

Considering the high prices for fuel, I am very grateful for those who felt it was worth the time and money and diesel to continue this annual event. My husband and I have already emailed photos to our friends and family -- both US and international -- and they had a great time viewing them.

Please continue this tradition. I certainly will be there next year.

Ann Hupe
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Dr. Ann Hupe is a new resident of Ketchikan.




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