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By Aleisha Filyaw


December 20, 2005
Tuesday PM

I just wanted to write a quick little note about this winter's accidents. We are only in December and I have seen more accidents this winter than I have in past years that I have lived here. As a driver, I can tell when the roads are going to be in bad conditions. I mean when you have a day that is clear and cold, it is kind of obvious that the roads are going to be frozen at night. Not only at night, but also in the places where the sun does not hit to thaw out the roads, such as 9 mile North Tongass and parts of Ward Cove. I think that we all need to take more caution when driving on the roads. This however does bring me to another question. In years past the DOT has always been fairly good about coming out and sanding and spraying de-icer on the roads. I have yet to see this be done this winter. Even when we had that day earlier this month when it snowed all day, the plows were not out until it was absolutely necessary. I personally think that this is ridiculous. I realize that a lot of hours go into taking care of our road ways, but isn't this part of their job description? The people who work for the DOT are paid to take care of our roads and I personally would really love to know why it is not being done.

This also brings me to another question that I have. I love how the Mud Bight corner was widened and somewhat straightened out. I personally feel that it is much better shape, however I am wondering as to why no guard rails were put up. For anyone who lives out there, I am sure that you all say the truck that went off the road and over the new walking path. I personally will not walk on that path due to the fact that I do not feel safe there. I mean even this summer there was an accident out there and the vehicles went over the walking path. I would actually use it if there were guard rails up. So I feel like this should be something that is considered. In both accidents had there have been someone walking on that path at the time, they would also be injured or not survive. I see a lot of people who walk that path with children and I think that for their safety guard rails should be considered.

Thank you all for your time in listening to this. I wish everyone happy holidays and safe driving this winter.

Aleisha Filyaw
Ward Cove, AK - USA


About: Aleisha Filyaw has lived in Ketchikan for 10 years.



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